Advocacy Investing

Advocacy Investing®, the next generation of Socially Responsible Investing®.

Advocacy Investing®  is a proprietary approach to values-based investing where securities are selected by exacting financial and governance standards, as well as criteria reflective of each investor's unique social and environmental concerns.

The Advocacy Investing® approach meaningfully speaks to one's own values. It is Customized to you, practical, and it can drive change.  Whatever your passion may be, green investing, broader ESG investing, or making sure your investments promote the social values you believe in, this proprietary method of investing can be customized for you.  

Unlike many traditional Socially Responsible Investing or (SRI) platforms the Advocacy Investing® strategy can benefit any individual or institution committed to supporting companies whose social and environmental behavior reflects their own values.

For more information on how we can help you set up a personalized portfolio using our proprietary methodology please reach out to us today for a free consultation.

ADVOCACY INVESTING® BUILDs ON TRADITIONAL SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE INVESTING in the                                                               following ways;

Traditional Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) screens out “sin stocks." most socially responsible mutual funds afford socially conscious investors with modest investable assets an opportunity to give voice to their values. But portfolios that are not broadly diversified may not deliver the highest risk-adjusted investment returns.  For this reason, mutual funds are unlikely to reflect any specific investor’s core beliefs or mission. For clients with significant investable assets, the Guardian Rock team believes there is a better way.

ADVOCACY INVESTING®provides the investor with a highly personalized approach to investing that directly reflects the investor’s core beliefs and values.

  • Manages each client’s unique portfolio, taking SRI and ESG to the next level.

  • Collaborates with the investor to use a best-of-class or "positive screening"  approach to security selection. Screening for positive company behaviors in the areas of social justice which includes human rights, employment practices, diversity, respect for the environment among others.

  • Dynamically enables investors to leverage their portfolios to drive their personal values.

  • Respects Modern Portfolio Theory by maintaining optimal diversification in portfolios.

  • Accommodates industry exclusion where an investor's philosophical or religious beliefs require it,  with an appropriate portfolio, adjustment to attempt to mitigate risk.

  • Customized to reflect the client’s core values and principles.

  • The Advocacy Investing® strategy empowers socially responsible individuals and organizations to invest their money in business enterprises that actively reflect and promote their own values and beliefs.

  • The Advocacy Investing® strategy seeks to minimize diversifiable risk because it does not rely exclusively on exclusionary screening processes like traditional socially responsible investing (SRI) often does.

  • The Advocacy Investing® approach accommodates exclusionary screens where the investor's philosophical or religious beliefs require them.  But it goes beyond negative screening to positively align the portfolio with the investor's core convictions. 

  • When traditional SRI limits industries in a portfolio, it may become less diversified, and as a result, more volatile   Advocacy Investing seeks to maximize risk-adjusted returns by selecting securities with exacting financial and governance standards as well as criteria reflective of each investor's unique social and environmental concerns.