Investment Philosophy

Guardian Rock Wealth believes and acts by the principle that the market is a complex, adaptive system. We believe that in-depth, quantitative analysis is helpful and, in fact, necessary.  We also recognize that over-reliance on quantitative measurements can expose portfolios and their owners to unintended risk. As such, we consistently employ both fundamental and quantitative analysis.  We use this analysis in combination with our team's decades of investment experience across varying market cycles in an attempt to generate specific investment outcomes. With constant change being a primary theme in the marketplace, innovation, adaptation, and deep thought are required disciplines at Guardian Rock. Using these values, we provide customized financial planning and asset management throughout the United States and beyond to people and organizations of all types and backgrounds.

Strategy, Value Add

  1. Unique, Exclusive & Proprietary Investment Strategies. Guardian Rock draws upon over three decades of portfolio construction, management, and product development experience to deliver; customized and goal-driven investment strategies;  One of the many ways we do this is through our proprietary Advocacy Investing® process.                     
  2. Relationship Management & Customer Service. Guardian Rock Wealth prides itself on a business model that seeks to exceed client expectations.  At Guardian Rock, you are never just another account number!                                                                   
    1. We seek to first understand the individual and then move forward, responding with direction and customization.  Practically speaking, this approach includes ongoing dialogue and review as well as easily-accessible account services.                                                            
  3. Deliverable. Rather than attempting to be the lowest cost provider, we seek to deliver unparalleled value, focusing on a holistic view of each client's needs. 
  • Approaching clients this way, Guardian Rock Wealth expects to bridge the gap between the growing demands and expectations of the demographics of those we serve.


Guardian Rock Wealth seeks to employ a specific strategy best suited for each individual client.

  1. Create personalized plans with clearly stated objectives from which to operate, review, and manage.
  2. Minimize transaction costs which are often zero, by leveraging long-standing industry relationships and using lower-cost alternatives when appropriate.
  3. Utilize investment strategies and vehicles in a strategic way to decrease risk and increase total return depending on investor wants needs and risk tolerance.  

Guardian Rock understands that fees are important and can create a drag on performance. As such, Guardian Rock believes in cost mitigation when and where it is appropriate.

At Guardian Rock, the client is not just metaphorically first; the client is central to every action and decision.

In this way, Guardian Rock takes a page from the traditional family physician, literally meeting the client where he/she is, physically and geographically. This idea extends to the living room, kitchen table, boardroom, video conference, workplace, email, the world wide web, or wherever else is most convenient.

  • Guardian Rock Wealth also recognizes that while many people are highly-skilled knowledgeable, and capable, the world of investing can seem daunting or just plain uninteresting. As such, our team seeks to exemplify the best 'bedside manner' in the market, communicating in the way, and to the extent, that makes the most sense to each party involved.