Mission, Vision & Values

Guardian Rock exists to accelerate and preserve the wealth and legacy of those it serves.

  • Guardian Rock seeks to accomplish this mission by providing, holistic advice and comprehensive financial services unique to each individual we serve.
    • ​We do this by asking questions and then listening to understand your values
    • We then gather information
    • We then create and execute a plan made specifically for you that seeks to accomplish your goals in congruence with your values.  
  • The long-term vision of Guardian Rock is to create a firm founded on a common set of values. We place customization and service, at the forefront of our approach, meeting each client at his/her greatest need.   

Key Guardian Rock’s values:

  • Surpassing expectations in terms of service and understanding you.
  • Confidence with humility.
  • Approachability and accessibility.
  • Learning and prudent adaptation
  • Respect for each opinion and perspective.
  • Open minded creative culture.