Our Process

A Refreshing Approach to Wealth Management

For a better understanding of our process and our values, you can request a copy of the book "Build a Life, Not a Portfolio; A Guide to Your Financial Future Based on Your Personal Values." For a free copy make your request HERE




Guardian Rock Wealth approaches each individual, from the point of relationship and common understanding.  

  • In a world of automation and mass production, Guardian Rock seeks to customize.                                                      
    • We listen first to gain an understanding.
    • We seek to find clarity not just about what you want to accomplish but more importantly, the values behind your wishes.  
  • In a world overwhelmed by noise and distraction, Guardian Rock seeks to focus and to some extent simplify.                                                                                  
    • We mitigate financial jargon.
    • We look to answer questions you have now and those you possibly never knew you had.  
  • In a world lost to opinion and commentary, Guardian Rock attempts to deliver definition and specific outcomes.             
    • We understand that no matter what opinions there are in the current market, you have specific objectives you are looking to accomplish.  We work with you to manage to those objectives.

Guardian Rock seeks intention and purpose through relationship and results.

Strategic Partnerships:

  • Tax consultation, estate planning (trust and will), financing, legal, private placement, direct investments, Health Insurance consultation, and cash management


  • Financial Advisory, Wealth Management
  • Comprehensive financial and life planning
    • ​Retirement Planning
    • College Savings
    • Goal Based Planning
  • Holistic asset management including debt and cash management planned spending and more, including 
    Advocacy Investing®  for qualified accounts.                                                                                        
  • 401K, SEP IRA and 403b account or platform management
  • Complete due diligence, analysis, and management of aggregated assets and liabilities


Fee-based, tiered according to account size. see our fees here,

The team’s experiences and skillsets built over decades, are both technical and dynamic, covering the scope of investment management and financial planning. The team’s expertise includes knowledge and understanding of the fixed income and equity markets as well as the prudent use of alternative investments.  Tax and estate planning are always part of our discussions. 

A careful analysis of many packaged products reveals significant added fees and other charges that are often without merit.  Having spent decades in large Wall Street firms we are able to eliminate many of these excess costs, in turn adding value to the client relationship. The team has extensive experience with products like Mutual Funds, Unit Trusts, Structured Products, Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs.  We have designed and managed more than $200 billion in assets throughout our careers.  Working with these types of investments through many different market cycles has given us unique insight into what costs are prudent versus those that are not.