Leveraging secrets, strategies, and tactics gained from nearly three decades managing portfolios for Wall Street firms we customize wealth strategies for individuals, families, and organizations who do not have the time, expertise, or desire to do this on their own. We have a single goal in mind: 

Guarding and Growing Your Wealth®

We have no salespeople, only advocates.

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Some brokerage firms and banking institutions are essentially sales organizations peddling their own financial products or services. You get the best of what they have, but not necessarily the best solution for you.

Guardian Rock is the opposite. We are your advocates, partners, and fiduciaries providing objective advice for your financial planning. We value transparency at every stage and strive to build relationships built on trust and mutual respect. As financial planners and wealth management advisors, the most important part of what we offer is to listen to you, your needs wants, hopes, and dreams before helping to design and execute a specific, detailed, and understandable plan built specifically for you. 

  • In a world of automation and mass production, we deliver unique, customized solutions that come from decades of experience.
  • In a world overwhelmed by noise and distraction, we seek to resolve and simplify. 
  • In a world lost to opinion and commentary, we look to deliver clarity and outcomes explicitly designed for you. 

Establishing a relationship with a financial planner that has the experience and education needed to help you protect and grow your assets may be one of the most important decisions that you make.  We currently have clients from across the United States and have found that each individual has a unique set of goals for their resources built on a lifetime of unique experiences and perspectives. 

Education, experience, and insight mean little if time and care are not taken to apply them to your unique situation. We take time to establish an understanding of who you are, and more importantly 'why'. Once we understand and clarify these things we provide a clear financial plan, advice, and management unique to you. 

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We are here to help you build your life, not just a portfolioWe even wrote an Amazon best-selling book about just that.  

Contact our financial advisor team today for wealth management strategies geared to your individual needs. We proudly serve clients across the United States from our offices in Chicago and Chicagoland suburbs of IL, and the Hubert, Jacksonville, Swansboro area of NC)

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